Artist Statement

Primarily, with all my work, I am trying to understand myself more; my thoughts, motives, and subconscious. I strive to uncover layers of self through deep personal introspection, journaling, blogging, poetry, painting, and collage.  I find that by unveiling my emotions and experiences (no matter how raw) through art-making I am able to remix my understandings to create a physical record of my past that allows release.  Art-making is therapy to me and I hope to communicate my own insights in a way that encourages others to delve into their own self-mysteries.

Usually my art starts with a drawing, a collage, a poem, or a journal entry. It might be inspired by something I read, or physically experienced. I paint primarily in acrylic and acrylic mediums (textures, stiffeners, etc.), with some oil-based paint pens.  I use a variety of layering techniques including collage, washes, stencils, stamps, traced patterns, arabesque (organic/floral), and geometric designs.  Mathematical geometries especially reflect the certain awe I feel only when contemplating the divine.

My new works are the beginning of a new direction for me. For the last two years I struggled to make peace with the fact that my primarily visual nature had been usurped by the need to write and reflect. I think this was one of the hardest periods in my career as an artist, because while I was not having a “creative block” per se it really felt like perhaps I had lost the drive to create my visual (as opposed to literary) works, which affected how I saw myself and defined myself as a “visual artist.”  However, after some trial and error, I hit upon combining different processes of combining text and other sewn and woven elements and my new collages and paintings were born.  

I choose to highlight various words and phrases that, when taken out of context, create new meanings and interpretations. The words get fished out of the turbid background--creating a visual metaphor for the cloudiness of existence.

At times making art can seem more like alchemy than anything else, and my new collage and textual works symbolize that groping and combining, adding and subtraction that occurs when an artist is in the flow of creating something meaningful and unique.

About the collages

The images on this site are the property of artist Janet Kozak. They are mixed media and paper collages (usually) on Archival watercolor paper.

For purchase inquiries or details please contact me. 

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